On November 2nd, 2010 Please, Please KICK ME OUT!!!

My friends, you deserve better!

I did not get to read the 300-page amendment to Cap and Trade that came down in the middle of the night. I only wanted 3 hours of debate for this life-changing bill for my constituents. I am one the following 219 Congressmen passed this bill in a rush for Ms. Pelosi our beloved boss on 6/26/2009. I don’t want to read long bills; I have too many special interest conflicts to read what I vote on. This bill is estimated to double food your costs in next 10 years, triple your electric bills, and double your transportation costs and put as many as 10 million Americans out of work! For what? An unproved theory of global warming. You Americans deserve better from your Congressman!

So KICK ME OUT, by voting me out November 2010!